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Ceramic tiles can only be installed on walls, and porcelain tiles can be installed on floors, countertops and walls.

You can cover your backsplash with any type of mosaic, porcelain or ceramic tiles as well as quartz, natural stone or Lapitec.

Absolutely! Kitchen or bathroom countertops can be made with either stone or porcelain tiles.

There is no rule concerning the tile format according to whether your room is large or small. It all depends on the final effect your are looking for. For example, installing large formats in a small room can open up the space and installing small tiles can create a more wrapping effect.

Yes, as long as it is used in low traffic areas and for residential use only. This type of tile is frequently used as flooring in showers.

You glue the product (with cement glue) directly on the wall, paper facing your way.

Yes. However, as it is a natural stone, it must be sealed. The product then becomes suitable for all types of uses.

First it must be a slip resistant, full body porcelain tile. However, we suggest that you talk to one of our Boutique Workspace consultants who will be happy to steer you in the right direction as other factors need to be considered.

For any other questions that you may have, please do not hesitate to call or visit one of our Boutique Workspaces.
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