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The Terralma collection is a wall porcelain created to inspire with natural, earthy colors and fresh shades. The matte finish is both minimalist and trendy, ideal for adding warmth to any space. The architectural detail of the Listello (baguette) elevates the design with its subtle textured effect.


Other colours and sizes is also available on special order for commercial projects only. Consult our supplier's catalogue.



3'' x 14''
1'' x 14''
1'' x 14'' (1,5 x 37cm)
Code Color Price
CTRMARILIS114 ARIZONA 4.59$ l'unité / per unit
CTRMBORLIS114 BORA BORA 4.59$ l'unité / per unit
CTRMJALLIS114 JALAPAO 4.59$ l'unité / per unit
CTRMMANLIS114 MANDACARU 4.59$ l'unité / per unit
CTRMNORLIS114 NORONHA 4.59$ l'unité / per unit
CTRMSERLIS114 SERIDO 4.59$ l'unité / per unit
3'' x 14'' (9 x 37cm)
Naturel / Natural
Code Color Price
CTRMARI314 ARIZONA 8.99$ pi2 / sq. ft.
CTRMBOR314 BORA BORA 8.99$ pi2 / sq. ft.
CTRMJAL314 JALAPAO 8.99$ pi2 / sq. ft.
CTRMMAN314 MANDACARU 8.99$ pi2 / sq. ft.
CTRMNOR314 NORONHA 8.99$ pi2 / sq. ft.
CTRMSER314 SERIDO 8.99$ pi2 / sq. ft.
Packaging specifications
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid
1'' x 14'' MAT/MATT 30 1.8300 0.0610 117.1200
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid
3'' x 14'' Naturel / Natural 20 7.3200 0.3660 614.8800


Surface hardness
Color variationV1
Slip resistance
[DCOF]≥ 0,40
Water absorption
[ISO 10545-3]
≤ 0,5% - 3%
[ISO 10545-12]
≥ 30 N/mm2
Frost resistance
[ISO 10545-12]
Non-Résistant / Not Resistant
Stain resistance
[ISO 10545-14]
Résistant / Resistant
Chemical attack resistance
[ISO 10545-13]
Résistant / Resistant

NOTES : Série artisanale. Un joint de 3 mm est suggéré. Lors d’une installation de carreaux multi-formats d’une même couleur, vérifiez l’harmonie des tonalités entre les différents formats avant de procéder à l’installation. Lors d’une installation de carreaux de couleurs différentes, d’une même série, vérifiez la compatibilité des calibres entre les différentes couleurs avant de procéder à l’installation. Artisanal series. A 3 mm joint is recommended. When installing different formats from a series in the same color, verify the compatibility of the shades between the formats before proceeding with the installation. When installing tiles of different colors from the same collection, verify the compatibility of the calibers (size) between the different colors before proceeding with the installation.

For information concerning LEED certification and sustainability, please contact your Ceragres Sales Representative.

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