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Large Porcelain Panels


Impressive in their format and in the practicality of their surfaces, large format porcelain adds dimension and modernity to interior and exterior spaces. These exceptionally large slabs (up to 160 cm X 320 cm) can be used to cover extensive areas with a minimum number of visible joints. Mainly used for wall applications, they can also be used as a covering for fixtures, fireplace furnishings, etc. Ground installation is also possible for light residential and commercial projects where transient traffic is neither heavy nor continuous.  

These large-sized porcelains come in a multitude of finishes, from marble to stone and from wood to cement, in shades of pure bright white to deep black. All the nuances and subtleties of the material from which they draw inspiration are faithfully reproduced; the result is both authentic and spectacular. 

Our major Italian manufacturers, including Caesar and Italgraniti, offer several collections with original designs, each more beautiful than the next. The large-sized porcelains are perfectly adapted to the more standard format tiles of the same collections; this technical and aesthetic coherence allows a wide range of compositions. 

Porcelain stoneware slabs are made using the most modern sintering technologies. This compact material is resistant to stress, wear and tear and trampling and is resistant to chemical products, mould, frost and fire. The 6-mm thickness offers flexibility and ease of cutting, drilling and transport. Available in several finishes (polished, satin, matte) and options such as “continuous vein” and “open book effect”.  

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