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A derivation of a 150-year-old tradition, Memory cement tiles are handcrafted, which gives them their one-of-a-kind look. The patterns from this collection will showcase any bathroom, floor, or kitchen backsplash, giving you that perfect Pinterest look! View the catalogue


This item is on sale, please contact our boutiques for more information. Limited quantities are available, please check inventory. Final sale.

Important before installation: View the installation recommendation


Size -

8" x 8"
7,9" x 7,9" (20 x 20cm)
Code Color Price
CCMEMANGNOO8 Angle Noon 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMANGSKY8 Angle Sky 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMANGSOF8 Angle Soft 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMDECNOO8 Deco Noon 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMDECSKY8 Deco Sky 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMDECSOF8 Deco Soft 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMPETNOO8 Petals Noon 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMPETSOF8 Petals Soft 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMPETSTO8 Petals Storm 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMSTADAY8 Staple Day 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMSTAFOU8 Staple Foundation 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
CCMEMSTANIG8 Staple Night 11.99 pi2 / sq. ft.
8" x 8" (20 x 20cm)
Code Color Price
CMEMAMB8 AMBRE 7.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CMEMAMBDEC8 AMBRE DECOR 8.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CMEMBLA8 BLANC 7.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CMEMBLADEC8 BLANC DECOR 8.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CMEMNOI8 NOIR 7.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CMEMNOIDEC8 NOIR DECOR 8.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
Packaging specifications
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid
7,9" x 7,9" MAT/MATTE 12 5.17 0.43 310.03
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid
8" x 8" 24 10.33 0.43 558.05

Résidentiel seulement / Residential only

Color variationV2
Slip resistance
[DIN 51130]R9
Water absorption
[ISO 10545-3]
≤ 10%
[ISO 10545-12]
≥ 0,35 mm3
Frost resistance
[ISO 10545-12]
Non résistant / Not resistant
Stain resistance
[ISO 10545-14]
Scellant requis / Sealer required
Chemical attack resistance
[ISO 10545-13]
Non résistant / Not resistant

NOTES : Contenu recyclé pré-consommation: 29,1% toutes les couleurs / Pre-consumer recycled content : 29,1% all colors. DECOR - Produit vendu à la boîte pleine seulement (couverture de 10,33p2) / Product sold by multiples of full box only (surface coverage 10,33 sq.ft)

For information concerning LEED certification and sustainability, please contact your Ceragres Sales Representative.