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FUTURA is an enamelled porcelain tile in a 6x6 format that is clearly inspired by Bauhaus designs, which appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Since then, modern art has become a staple in all fields with geometric shapes and graphics that provide a strong visual impact.

Available in five designs, the cement grey, white, and black colours are also accompanied by millennium pink and a neutral blue.

Winner of Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year 2018: TILE AND STONE AWARD Designlines LoveTag at IDS 2019.



Other colours and sizes is also available on special order for commercial projects only. Consult our supplier's catalogue.


Size -

6" x 6"
Code Color Price
CFUTBLU6 BLUE 15.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECDROBLK6 DROP BLACK 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECDROBLU6 DROP BLUE 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECDROWHI6 DROP WHITE 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTGRE6 GREY 15.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECHALBLK6 HALF BLACK 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECHALROS6 HALF ROSE 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECHALWHI6 HALF WHITE 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTROS6 ROSE 15.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECTBLU6 T BLUE 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECTWHI6 T WHITE 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTDECTUBGRE6 TUBES GREY 17.59 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CFUTWHI6 WHITE 15.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
Packaging specifications
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid
6" x 6" MAT/MATT 22 5.38 0.24 672.65

Commercial léger / Light commercial

Color variationV2
Slip resistance
[DCOF]≥ 0,42
[DIN 51130]9
Water absorption
[ISO 10545-3]
≤ 0,5%
[ISO 10545-12]
≥ 35 N/mm2
Frost resistance
[ISO 10545-12]
Résistant / Resistant
Stain resistance
[ISO 10545-14]
Résistant / Resistant
Chemical attack resistance
[ISO 10545-13]
Résistant / Resistant

NOTES : Un joint de 3-4mm est conseillé. / A 3-4 mm joint is recommended.

For information concerning LEED certification and sustainability, please contact your Ceragres Sales Representative.

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