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Relaunch of activities

Post-COVID-19 relaunch of activities withina new, more agile and efficient business model

To our Dear Friends,
Adapting to changing markets and trends remains the biggest challenge for companies. And this is the challenge that Ceragres Tile Group Inc. has decided to address as we face the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The pausing of the economy since March has led us to question our organizational structure. Clearly, the upheavals engendered by the public health crisis, with its economic impacts, are factors that forced us to redefine our mission, our ways of doing things and our work processes: Teleworking and remote management, along with virtual professional relationships are perfect illustrations.
Ceragres Tile Group Inc. therefore opted to adapt to these new market conditions. We had to review our traditional business model in favour of a more agile and surely more efficient model; without altering the quality of the services and products that contributed to the reputation for excellence that remains the signature of the company.
And we had in mind, in particular, to prioritize best practices and accommodation measures for our professionals, architects and designers.
Front-line support for professionals, architects and designers, remains the spearhead of the Ceragres product and service offer, which will now concentrate its activities on its head office and warehouse in the Saint-Laurent borough and its two Boutique-Workspaces to serve the market of the Greater Montreal area and of Quebec; one in Brossard, at Quartier Dix30 and the other, in 1973, Autoroute des Laurentides in Laval, which are two of our existing business locations.

In addition, having three Ceragres Design Lab satellite-spaces will be a great new feature. Two new Design Labs, one in Ottawa and in Quebec city, inspired by the one already in place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, will complete the network of the new Ceragres model with an attractive and promising range of products and services.
You will even be able to receive your own clients in an exceptional, professional and creative environment, and this, in strict compliance with the new standards and public health preventive measures decreed by the Government of Quebec. Ceragres will also retain its Stone-Workshop, which has always made its reputation for excellence.
With the active support of our financial partners, suppliers and employees who remain in position, we look forward to the reopening of the economy and the deployment of our new business plan with enthusiasm and optimism.
Managing this change remains, in our view, the main foundation for Ceragres’ continued viability in a redefined ecosystem, and a new and evolving business environment focused on performance.
All of our employees join me in expressing our renewed commitment to you to always serve you better, at all times, in all circumstances.
Hope to see you again ... in complete safety!

Guy Gervais
President - Ceragres Tile Group