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Porcelain tiles for cleaner spaces


The current pandemic situation reminds us how important it is to keep our living spaces clean. If it is important to live in hygienic spaces, it is even more essential to make daily life easier by choosing quality materials that are sustainable and easy to maintain.

The antibacterial properties of porcelain

Porcelain tile is composed of natural minerals; a mixture that is fired at very high temperatures to obtain one of the strongest and most compact materials available.

The porosity of porcelain is less than or equal to 0.5. When in contact with porcelain, liquids remain on the surface, making it easier to clean. Thus, it prevents bacteria from penetrating and settling in the tile.

Easy to use, the tiles require no special maintenance. Tile is simply washed with soap and water, dislodging bacteria in the process.

Planning your project for an optimal result

Flat surfaces will be easier to clean than some textured surfaces (in 3D). Also, before you start your project and choose your tiles, think about the activities you will do in each room of the house.

Pay particular attention to the choice of grout. There are many options on the market with increasingly high-performance, easy-to-maintain ranges that virtually do not change color and prevent water infiltration. Selecting the right grout will greatly determine the longevity of your installation. Make sure to clean your surfaces frequently. We recommend MAPEI installation and maintenance products.

For the needs of professionals

Hytect - Effortless tiles from Agrob Buchtal

Launched by our partner Agrob Buchtal, Hytect technology revolutionizes the way we think about tiles.

Hytect promotes effortless cleaning of surfaces without the use of cleaning agents. Thanks to their hydrophilic surface, Hytect tiles are easy to clean. This makes it difficult for dirt to adhere.

With its antibacterial technology, Hytect ensures optimum hygienic cleanliness and saves time. The antibacterial effect of the surface kills bacteria, mold and germs.

Hytect functions as a natural catalyst that only works under the influence of light. It activates an air purification process in which pollutants such as nitrogen oxides are neutralized. Clean air has a positive effect on the climate both indoors and outdoors and ensures a better quality of life.

Whether for residential use, for municipal swimming pools, hospitals or for covering facades, Hytect is the solution of the future.