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Geometric Patterns: A Creative Angle for Everyone!

During the last Salone Internazionale della Ceramica in Bologna, geometric shapes were one of the most prominent trends. Hexagons, diamonds, and triangles were in the spotlight and, today, we can see them being incorporated into a considerable number of design projects. Geometric shapes can be used to give a striking visual impact to a design project, whatever style you’re looking for. Here are three ways to use geometric wall tiles, for the most daring designers as well as more conservative ones.

For the conservative: Play with an original shape
Selecting a geometric pattern tile is already an adventurous choice. Although this type of design can occasionally seem excessive to some, it’s important to remember that, despite their bold style, geometric ceramic tiles can still be refined and classic. For example, consider a wall of all white triangles that subtly breaks with the traditional use of the conventional square. A geometric shape can provide movement and character to a wall in a very sophisticated way.

Dresscode - Piano, verso white

For the moderate: Create bas-reliefs
In addition to a unique shape, some ceramic tiles have different depths that allow you to create effects using light and shadow in a design. To add even more dimension to a wall, try mixing flat and concave surfaces (or even matte and shiny finishes) in the same design. This pleasing avant-garde combination will no doubt attract attention!

Dresscode - Piano, verso charcoal

For the bold: Express your artistic side
The multitude of geometric patterns, textures, and colours available now is sure to satisfy a designer’s creativity. Thanks to these new options, an infinite number of layout choices are possible to create the most unique and original walls, inspired by real works of art!

Dresscode - Piano, black and white