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Explore our new eSamples

Céragrès is proud to announce the arrival of the eSample to our website.

This new tool will allow all visitors of our website to visualize our tiles in 3D, with a likeness very close to the reality of the product.

Textures, colours and finishes that give you a sense of touch, but with your eyes!

By adopting Lightbeans eSamples digital technology, Ceragres offers a whole new experience of visualizing materials and products on the web. The technology replaces the image of a material with a visual interaction that allows the product to be examined under different lighting, with the chosen resolution and high color fidelity. One can now appreciate not only the color of a material but its luster and the subtleties of its relief from a distance. They are literally digital samples that can be viewed, shared, almost touched. eSamples technology allows consumers, designers and architects to orient their choices more quickly while reducing the quantity of physical samples to handle.

Have a project in mind? Explore now.

More and more products are being added and soon the entire product offer will be available!


Learn more on Lightbeans eSamples and it's technology.

Updated January 25, 2022