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Ceragres - Stone Workshop: The professionals

March 2022

Ceragres - Stone Workshop: The experts

March 2022


January 2022

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December 2021

Our best wishes for the year 2021

December, 2021

Ceragres - 30 years of passion for design

February, 2020

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Fall 2019

Making of Ceragres

Montreal, June 2013

Grand opening Céragrès-Les-Bains Dix30

Quartier Dix30, Québec

Anima Caesar Project Evolution

Montreal, November 2016

Making of the Maxe collection

Montreal, July 2016

Designer Open House 2016

Montreal, June 2016

Ceragres & the Holidays

Montreal, December 2015

Be inspired. Create. Accomplish.

Montreal, November 2015

Cerages Design Session

Montreal, May 2013