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Pick n' Brick

Unique features, irregular surface and perfect imperfections. A tile that is available in raw neutral colours and a versatile format that can be installed following a straight, offset, brick or herringbone layout.




2" x 6"
2" x 6" (5 x 15cm)
Code Color Price
CPNBARD26 ARDESIA 23.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CPNBBAS26 BASALTO 23.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CPNBBIA26 BIANCO 23.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CPNBGRI26 GRIGIO 23.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CPNBGC26 GRIGIO CHIARO 23.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
Packaging specifications
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid
2" x 6" MAT 135 10.86 0.08 478.17

Application Commerciale - Trafic Moyen / Commercial Application - Medium Traffic

Color variationV2
Slip resistance
[ASTM 1028 - sec/dry]≥ 0.6
[ASTM 1028 - humide/wet]≥ 0.6
[DIN 51130]R10
[ISO 10545-12]
≥ 35 N/mm2
Frost resistance
[ISO 10545-12]
Résistant / Resistant
Stain resistance
[ISO 10545-14]
Résistant Classe 5 / Resistant Class 5
Chemical attack resistance
[ISO 10545-13]
Résistant / Resistant

NOTES : Porcelaine extrudée ARTISANALE - Voir instructions d'installation. Un joint minimum de 5 mm est conseillé, nous vous suggérons d'installer les tuiles suivants leur formes sans entretoise afin de créer naturellement le joint idéal. / ARTISANAL extruded porcelain - Refer to installation instructions. A minimum 5 mm joint is recommended. We recommend laying the pieces by following their natural shapes using no spacers so that they may create the ideal joint.

For information concerning LEED certification and sustainability, please contact your Ceragres Sales Representative.

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