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Dress up your space with the geometric shapes of these superb enamelled glass mosaics. Their finish and harmonious composition will revive your interior with a chic yet relaxed touch.


This collection is offered at 25% off. Limited quantities are available, please check inventory.



Code Color Price
CLINCARWAV CARBON WAVE 18.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CLINCEMWAV CEMENT WAVE 18.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CLINCHAWAV CHALK WAVE 18.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CLINLINWAV LINEN WAVE 18.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
CLINMUDWAV MUD WAVE 18.99 $ pi2 / sq. ft.
Packaging specifications
Size Piece/Box S.F./Box S.F./Piece S.F./Skid

NOTES : L’utilisation d’un détergent au PH neutre, non abrasif, est conseillé. / The use of a non-abrasive PH-neutral detergent is recommended for cleaning. L’usage d’un ciment à joint sans sable. / The use of a sand-free grout is recommended. Brillant 60% - Mat 40% / Glossy 60% - Matt 40%. Contenu recyclé pré-consommation : 100% toutes les couleurs. / Pre-consumer recycled content : 100% all colors. Mosaïque assemblée sur filet 13’’ x 12’’ (32,3 x 29 cm). / Mosaic mesh mounted on 13’’ x 12’’ (32,3 x 29 cm).

For information concerning LEED certification and sustainability, please contact your Ceragres Sales Representative.

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