PORTRAITS Collection

Four regions of the world represented in four porcelain designs.
The beauty of natural stone, inspired by four regions of the world, meets the modern look and practicality of porcelain. 

Stromboli recalls the black of the eponymous volcanic rock in Sicily
Versilla depicts the splendid colour and marble texture of the Tuscan mountains
Comblanchien transports you to the majestic decors of the Burgundian city best known for its marble quarries
Faro is every bit as distinctive as the rock mined from the Portuguese city located in the Algarve and widely known for its spectacular vistas of sea and sky.

Available in three sizes (12 x 24, 24 x 24 and 24 x 48), the four PORTRAITS collection designs will allow you to express your creativity and craft a decor that suits you, while faithfully representing the natural stone from these regions of the world. 

Porcelain: a wise choice
Unlike natural stone, porcelain is easy to maintain. There is no need for sealant.  We prefer porcelain because it faithfully reproduces a range of styles, including natural stone, often at a much better price.

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