Better sales with blue

A home that is decorated in blue sells for more than a home that is decorated in neutral colours.
A study led by the online real estate marketplace, Zillow, reveals that homes with rooms painted or decorated in blue generally sell for a higher price.

Why blue?
There are as many answers to that question as there are people to answer it. One thing is certain: blue is an all-time favourite colour among both men and women. According to a recent survey conducted by Sherwin-Williams, 62% of Americans report that their favourite colour is blue.

The psychology of the colour blue
Colours elicit very specific unconscious feelings in us. They are also widely used in marketing as a way of positioning a brand in a positive or negative light for consumers.
Blue, no matter the shade, is associated with openness and calm. It is a colour that is also known to inspire trust and safety, which is perhaps why it is the preferred colour for a number of the world's major social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

A different effect in every room
Blue bathrooms have the greatest impact on higher selling prices. Blue is not as well-liked in living rooms, and may even negatively impact the sales price of a home. Buyers tend to prefer living rooms in neutral colours, such as beige or grey.
Blue exteriors also boost sales. A dark blue front door or window shutters, for example, can have a positive impact on the sales price of your property.

*Study led by the online real estate marketplace, Zillow